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In addition to basic information about Lyme disease found on the "Beginners' Pages," the Lyme Times includes articles for patient support, regional news about Lyme disease from different parts of the U.S, and the world, research notes, and conference reports.

patient support articles have discussed strategies for dealing with insurance companies, legal entitlements, and coping with a chronic illness.  Regional news highlights activities in different parts of the country, whether a court case or a noteworthy Lyme disease support-group activity.   The Research section details significant developments in the scientific world. Government press releases from the National Institutes of Health may be reprinted here, along with summaries and conclusions of current Lyme disease research from around the world.
The Lyme Times also publishes lengthy accounts of medical conferences, as well as announcements for future meetings.  Frequently, resource materials such as Lyme disease books, videos, and charts are included along with their sources, so that support group leaders may find the Lyme Times useful for locating educational materials. 

Physicians and researchers are frequent contributors to the Lyme Times, and at times we  reprint full-text articles from peer-reviewed medical journals.  Finally, the Lyme Times includes letters from readers and patient stories.  The editor feels we should remember that at the center of all the activity, be it research, conference, support group, demonstration, or controversy, are the patients.

The content of the Lyme Times may sometimes be controversial because we publish ongoing issues that are not yet resolved; however, we try to cover both sides of the story.

Opinions expressed in articles are those of the authors alone and are not necessarily those of the Editor, California Lyme Disease Association, or the Lyme Disease Association.

The Lyme Times makes no express or implied warranties as to the efficacy or safety of any treatment in its articles or letters and disclaims all liability for any use of any such treatment.  Please consult your physician regarding treatments

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Republication of any portion of the Lyme Times without written permission is prohibited.  Please contact the Editor if you wish to duplicate articles. 
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