If the Current Economy Has You Worried About Getting New Customers to Walk Through Your Front Door, Then Look No Further Than REDGLOBE_Interactive!

Since 1999, REDGLOBE_Interactive, an industry leader in electronic processing services, has been helping retailers just like you attract more customers, earn more profits and offer more in-demand services than just about any other company out there.

With REDGLOBE_Interactive, your store can easily manage and instantly plug into over 200 vendor delivered services - all from the ease of your store’s desktop computer. Take a quick glance at just a few of the powerful services that you can provide to your customers through the REDGLOBE_Interactive:

Electronic Bill Payment Services – Offer your customers the most popular service in America today: walk-in bill payment. They will love the convenience of being able to pay any bill to any company through your store. Can you imagine the major benefit of having new customers walk through your front door each and every day? Real-time posting available! Bank Sponsored, FDIC Insured & Reliable.

Prepaid Wireless e-PIN's – Sell prepaid minutes from the major carriers: T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Virgin, Tracfone, Cricket, STI Mobile and many more. No inventory to stock. Save your cash-flow, our system lets you print PINS only as you sell them.

Cash Advance Solutions – When customers are running short on cash before their payday, they can run to you for their crunch-time solution. This service is more needed today than ever before! Offer low-cost, short-term loans right in your store or from over the phone using your unique merchant promo code. The provider issues the loan, takes all the risk, and you just offer the service sign-up through your store. Cash advances for your customers range from $100.00 - $1,000.00.

Other Services Include: Site Design & Development, Retail Inventory Management Software, Prepaid Credit/Debit Cards, Prepaid Intl. Phone Cards, In-Store Safety Monitoring, Cell Phone Carrier Ordering & Provisioning, Satellite TV, Broadband Internet, Customer Relation Management, WiFi Internet, Touch Screen Kiosk, Remote Interactive Ads, VoIP (Voice Over Internet), e-Commerce POSA Deployment, Web Hosting, Web Design, Check Guarantee, Prepaid Internet and More.

Different from other companies, we generously offer our retailers: Unified Vendor Management » Dedicated Account Managers » Unlimited Back Office Support » Powerful In-Store Marketing Materials » Unlimited Inventory » Exclusive Territory Certification » Iron-Clad Service Guarantees.

Contact us today toll-free @ 1.800.296.2114 x 702 or submit this contact page, and experience the largest and most advanced vendor management system for retailers in the marketplace today.

Your customers will thank you for it!

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